VICIS is always working on new videos. Send us your ZERO1 videos to potentially be featured in social media posts and maybe even our upcoming 2019 FOOTBALL ANTHEM video. The more authentic the video, the more likely we'll use it, but stay safe - we're not looking for big hitting or unsafe play.

Learn what to shoot

Follow the ten easy steps below and learn what to shoot to be featured.

What to shoot

01 The Culture

Capture the culture of the sport. The behind-the-scenes. The vibe that is football in your world.

This is the in-between. The off days. The training room, film room, locker room, dorm room, team room, and meal room. Madden with your boy or pool time with the team.

02 The Game

Capture gametime. Pre-game, the tunnel, the sideline, from the stands, the hype, the nerves, the stakes, all of it.

Hand your phone to a friend, a parent, a sibling, team manager, grad assistant, an injured teammate... capture the raw energy that is a football game.

03 The Grind

Football is about putting in work. Show us what this means in your world. Weight room, speed kills, plyos, and routes. Two-a-days, night sessions, dawn patrol. Broken ankles after a 1 on 1 juke or the one-hand pulldown.

Show us how you work harder then anyone.

04 The Gear

If you're wearing VICIS, give it some love. Don't make it the center of attention - just give it some attention. We want to see how you use it.

05 Go Horizontal

Vertical is okay, Horizontal (or landscape) is SO MUCH BETTER. As much as you can, shoot like this...

06 Be Stable

Keep your camera work as smooth as possible. Don't limit your movement, just use two hands when you can.

07 Selfie Cam, Not Good

Unless absolutely necessary, try not to use the selfie cam that's on the screen-side of your phone. Use the camera on the back of your phone. It's way better.


Copyright lawyers never sleep, so you’ll have a better chance of appearing in our videos if you don’t have prominent competitive logos showing. VICIS logos are A-OK though.


Full resolution native format are the best files, so please don’t compress or shrink your videos if you can help it. Then, if possible, name your files with your team and/or city, and your last name.

10 Send it over

Because a bundle of files could be too large to email, upload your video using the form below.

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